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Integrity — in all we do, reflected in our commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior and our dedication to transparency and accountability in governance.

As members of the NC State community, we share a sense of pride in what we stand for, what we’ve accomplished, and what we’ll achieve in the future. We also share a responsibility to support NC State’s mission and reputation by holding ourselves and other community members to the highest standards of ethical and lawful conduct in all our academic and business activities. 

Behaving ethically and with integrity means doing the right thing, even when it’s not being monitored. Distinguishing ethical behavior may seem straightforward; however, there will be times when “doing the right thing” will not be clear in a given situation.

That’s where the Compliance and Integrity Program and the University Compliance and Ethics Officer add value. The role of the Program and the University Compliance & Ethics Officer are to communicate the University’s values, provide guidance on ethical-decision making, offer training and awareness to the NC State community, and reinforce expectations through involvement in investigating allegations of misconduct.