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Compliance and Integrity Program Governance Structure

The success of NC State’s Compliance and Integrity Program is predicated on leadership’s embrace of a culture of compliance and the identification of key goals toward the attainment of the university’s compliance objectives.

The program, driven by leadership, emphasizes the university’s commitment to integrity, a culture of compliance, and the promotion of the highest ethical standards for all employees. Consistent with NC State’s values and strategic goals, the program is designed to create a culture of constant improvement in order to achieve excellence.  Achieving excellence requires constant attention, self-assessment and a commitment to improvement. In order to provide leadership and oversight of the program, the University Compliance Steering Committee and Compliance Officials Working Group have been created. The University Compliance and Ethics Officer position has been established to direct and manage the program. An overview of this structure and membership of each committee is provided below.

University Compliance Steering Committee

The University Compliance Steering Committee provides executive leadership and oversight of the Program, with a mission of promoting excellence in NC State’s efforts to comply with its legal, regulatory, and ethical responsibilities. The UCSC serves primarily as an advisory committee with respect to the University’s compliance and ethics priorities. The UCSC also provides oversight for the university’s compliance and integrity program and strategic advice and direction to the Compliance Officials Group (COWG). The Chancellor has designated the Steering Committee as the primary point-of-contact on organizational compliance matters with the Audit, Risk Management and Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Members of the University Compliance Steering Committee:

  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (Chair)
  • Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
  • Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
  • Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
  • Vice Chancellor and General Counsel

Compliance Officials Working Group

The Steering Committee has appointed a Compliance Officials Working Group comprised of officials with executive responsibility for key compliance areas across the university. The mission of the Working Group is to assist the Steering Committee in promoting a culture and understanding of and adherence to applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as university policies, regulations and rules (PRRs).  The Working Group provides compliance leadership in the university’s academic and administrative units and ensures effective communication and collaboration among employees responsible for compliance.

Members of the Compliance Officials Working Group:

  • Chief Information Security Officer, OIT
  • Director, Information Security Risk and Assurance, OIT
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services
  • Director, Research Compliance
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
  • Director of Outreach, Communications, and Consulting, OIT
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Public Safety
  • Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity
  • Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, DASA
  • Vice Provost for Assessment and Accreditation
  • Vice Provost for Global Engagement
  • Director, Office of International Services
  • Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Services
  • University Controller
  • Chief Audit Officer and Director, Internal Audit Division (Ex Officio)
  • Deputy General Counsel (Ex Officio)