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Compliance and Integrity

"Compliance is acting in a way with the greatest honesty and integrity. It’s following the laws and the policies of the university and the State. But above all, it's really behaving with the highest ethics and the highest standards."

-- Chancellor Randy Woodson

NC State University’s Compliance and Integrity Program is designed to promote the university’s values and strives to integrate these values into its daily and long-term decisions and actions related to its educational, research, and business practices. The success of NC State’s program is predicated on the university’s embrace of a culture of compliance and the identification of key goals toward the attainment of the university’s compliance objectives.

A Message From Chancellor Woodson

Chancellor Woodson speaks on the role of our Compliance and Integrity Program and the importance of acting and working with integrity and maintaining high ethical standards. It is everyone’s responsibility to bolster the stature of NC State as a university of ethical excellence and to report wrongdoing. “Think and Do” the right thing.