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NC State’s Compliance and Integrity Program 

The University Compliance and Ethics Officer (UCEO) manages and coordinates the university-wide compliance and integrity program. The primary function of the UCEO is to be a resource for compliance related support and serve as a catalyst for the achievement of University best practices in all compliance related subject matter areas.

While the UCEO does not own any specific compliance subject matter area, the UCEO is able to assist in:

  • providing guidance on maneuvering through regulatory frameworks and processes impacting your units,
  • addressing compliance-related concerns or instances of non-compliance,
  • engaging in ethical decision-making,
  • establishing and/or re-engaging in cross-unit or cross-disciplinary compliance activities,
  • assistance in scheduling and responding to federal agency reviews and investigations, and
  • developing internal compliance goals and objectives to continue to promote a culture of compliance and ethical behavior.