Faculty Member

You are a Faculty Member…

One of the biggest challenges for faculty members in terms of compliance is the fact that their day-to-day activities are so varied and that they intersect with many different compliance topics and thus, obligations.  Your own reputation, the University’s reputation, and the funding and support that NC State relies on to fulfill its mission of teaching, research, and service are dependent on every member of the NC State community taking responsibility for his/her own activities, and for the compliance of those activities with legal and ethical standards. With improved awareness, you can prepare yourself to better spot issues and then enlist help from resources such as the University Compliance, Ethics & Enterprise Risk Management Officer, the Office of General Counsel, an HR representative, or other services.

How Does Compliance Intersect with Your Role at the University?

The NC State community can only function smoothly and successfully if everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and make themselves aware of their obligations.

Know your rights and responsibilities, and expectations as a faculty member:

Promote a safe and secure campus environment: