Program Attributes & Activities

8 differently colored octagons listing the 8 attributes of a successful compliance program


Division of Ownership and Accountability

Policies, Regulations, and Rules


  • Foundational dataset
  • Interactive web-based compliance matrix
  • Identification of gaps in compliance objectives
  • Identification of compliance subject-matter-areas and corresponding division/unit ownership


  • Web-based training tools
  • Rich content development
  • Holistic and comprehensive multi-media presence
  • Mandatory and voluntary training opportunities

Branding and Marketing

  • Communication strategies
  • Robust website development
  • Chancellor’s and leadership’s messaging to the campus community
  • Promotional mediums
  • Institutional branding

Ethics and Values

  • Incorporation of institutional values
  • University culture code
  • Commitment to an ethical culture and integration into strategic planning
  • Attainment of institutional compliance and integrity identity

Monitoring and Metrics

Response and Prevention

  • After-action review
  • Identify opportunities for continual improvement
  • Rapid-response protocols
  • Thorough communication protocols