Compliance Network

There are three categories of stakeholders who are impacted by NC State’s compliance efforts: Compliance Owners, Compliance Partners, and Campus Constituents. 

Compliance Owners

Compliance Owners are individuals who have defined compliance-related job responsibilities and expectations. They are tasked with:

  • Managing university compliance objectives and activities for each responsible area;
  • Developing and exercising effective oversight of compliance and integrity related activities; and
  • Ensuring compliance ownership and accountability expectations.  

Compliance Partners

Compliance Partners possess some shared responsibilities and awareness of compliance activities and possess influence in Compliance Owners’ achievement of Compliance Objectives. Specifically, Compliance Partners will do the following: 

  • Work with Compliance Owners in assisting in the attainment of compliance objectives; 
  • Reporting incidents of non-compliance through open lines of communication across divisional lines;
  • Attend training and educational opportunities; and
  • Be familiar with PRRs and other internal operating procedures.

Campus Constituents

Campus Constituents are individuals on campus who are impacted by and benefit from the Compliance Owners’ compliance achievement.

  • Beneficiaries of compliance and integrity attainment
  • Impacted units on campus
  • Role and ownership include some measure of reporting, training, and awareness of compliance and integrity related activities